When all the millions in the world cant get you a win,theres a leson to be learnt

Barcelona won Real Madrid for the fourth consecutive time in a Classico face off, a week back.In spite of Perez and Pelligerini spending millions of euros to assemble the second Galactico, they came a cropper against a team that calls itself Mes que un club(More than a club).The premier league of course fuelled by debt finally deflated as it had to. The EPL much like US forgot one fundamental business lesson- debt fuelled growth is doubly dangerous because it not only projects an illusion of expansion but an expansion that would actually not fetch you returns to invest elsewhere.So,ManU,Chelsea.Arsenal and the now for sale Liverpool kept quiet even as Real Madrid splurged a third of a billion to assemble a team to counter the Catalans.Barca like Catalonia stood not only defiant but humbled all those millions by a sheer display of a dazzling brand of football.The lesson to be learnt is that Barca has invested wisely while Real Madrid is floundering in the dark .Barcelona got its basics right.The EL Masia has turned out a bunch of homegrown loyal bunch that has turned out to be its greatest strength.If you were an investor you would bet your money on Barca because its backed by a talented and disciplined work force on field.What Real forgot is that at the end of the day you have got to play to win.

Of course with time,Real will gel and improve and Barca’s dominanace will be shaken but for now the club stands as a rare example of money not fetching you everything and for Pellegerini thats a win.


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