Angry Bird that pecked at the Pervert’s guide to Cinema

“The virtuous man contents himself with dreaming that which the wicked man does in actual life.”-Freud


So, today is one of those days where the sheer awesomeness of being angry takes over everything. I mean its not PMS its just one of those days where you cant figure out why or with whom you are angry. So you are bloody pissed at jokes,you swear if your lift doesn’t stop and finally you harass hapless people around you. Its like that rock that sat on a volcano mouth. Just that there’s no vent for the lava to come out.

Much before anger took over approximately a whole day back, I saw an interesting documentary titled -‘A Pervert’s guide to Cinema.’ Much of the content would shock you if you haven’t been exposed to Sigmund Freud. But having been I found it quite mundane. So drawing examples from many cult classics of almost every conceivable genre the narrator ties it up with Freudian philosophy. So, Eyes Wide Shut, The Matrix,Psycho,Fight Club,Exorcist all lend themselves well to the theme of Freudian psycho analysis.

The familiar motifs of incestual tensions,fantasy vs reality,pornographic imagery and why they are ironically conservative,the feminine in the male world et al are explored. If you are a cinephile you must probably watch this one.Its a three part series and yes, be open to what you hear and take it with a pinch of salt.Its a tad different and likely to keep you thinking for awhile.



One thought on “Angry Bird that pecked at the Pervert’s guide to Cinema”

  1. come on sud….i m really wondering if i shud watch this documentary. btw wat happened to the critic in u? u seem to have only recommended watching it.

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