The List

Everyone always seems to make these lists and truth be told i always like to go through them.So,here’s my list of most loved ,read and re-read books and the ones that i did not enjoy so much.

1.The Mahabharath :The best piece ever written.Pity, Indians turn to western philosophy when the greatest treatise on human nature,psyche and irony of life belongs to this nation.

2.Yagnyaseni by Prathiba Ray: An Oriya novel, this one once again is related to the Mahabharath, it portrays the heroine of the epic,Draupadi with such ferocity and humanity that you at once feel pity for her and yet admire her.

3. The Harry Potter series by J.K.Rowling:july 21st,can’t wait.

4.A tiger for Malgudi by R.K.Narayan:as brilliant as narayan is.

5.The catcher in the rye by J.D.Salinger: dark,moody and witty.makes us realise ,this world is big bad and phoney!

6.I Meet Rajaji by Monica Felton:a simple book on the most astute political brain the nation has ever produced.the great man’s brilliance stuns you and leaves you awed.

7.The Godfather by Mario Puzo: an offer we can’t refuse!

8.The House of Blue Mangoes by David Davidar: a story told rather than an author’s writing.

9.Five past midnight at Bhopal by Lamiere:the greatest modern day industrial tragedy took place in this nation.a heart wrenching tale told..

10.The Partner by John Grisham:vintage grisham, this one

11.Gone With The Wind by Anne .M.Mitchell:’ dear i no longer give a damn!’we love you Rhett and Scarlet.

12.The eye of the needle by Ken Folett:neat precise and striking.

The ten big diappointments

1.The God of small things by Arundhathi Roy:found the book pointless ,perverted and needlessly depressing.

2.English August by Upamanyu Chaterjee:Agastya Sen is a masturbating loser whose philosohy in life is basically wasting towards being idle.

3.The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand:her philosophy is neither path breaking nor revolutionary.In parts it makes no sense in others its old wine in new bottle.

4.LOTR: dont know why but did not like it.maybe,it is too descriptive for my liking.

5.The pillars of the Earth by Ken Folett:a nice story but somehow felt something to be missing.

6.Agatha Christie:have always found her writing too dry to follow.The Murder Of doctor Roger Ackroyd is extremely good though.

7.Shalimar The Clown By Salman Rushdie:another midnight’s children does’nt seem possible.does it?

8.Yuganta by Irawati Karve:grossly and needlessly misinterpreted.

9.Ignited Minds by Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam:a great man yes,but a very boring style of narration.

10.Jeffrey Archer:find his writing too shallow to like.


hale and healthy,pink and nice!

Ah! The most revolting color for many people happens to be pink doesn't it?I have seen people giving me weird looks when i tell them i would love to own a pink Haier laptop or the Motogp cell.The problem with pink is that it has long been associated with young girls who play with frilly dolls,blondes who cootchiecoo miniscule pet dogs and of course anything overtly feminine.That makes me wonder , how is it that a color came to be stereotyped so much?You hardly find a parallel with any other color excepting may be with red and blood!I have always loved the color and still love it. Strawberry,powder pink,a girl's blush ,the tender complexion of a baby are some among the many things i associate the color with admittedly though i have never found the color good on the m gender. They often end up screamin'gay,gay..'when they wear it.But when a guy carries it well you know you have a real good one.Even my young nephew of 7 years hates pink.he once told me,'chi! its so girly!' but then its sometimes amusing when girls of nineteen and twenty repeat the same dialogue. one girl actually called it the color of dementation!I don't blame her for the problem lies in the society's perception of the color.Take for example,Legally Blonde,the protagonist is shown carrying a pink color bag to the court,maybe the blondes have come to the point that they claim the color to be theirs. For me though pink is nice and bright,come on guys that's the reason why you say rose tinged glasses,maybe.

With The Fungus Gone

You smelt so good and saw me fed.
Day after day and night after night
For your very sight I rushed.
oh!the pleasure of you entering my mouth,
on the tongue in and out.
With a twang here and a bit of spice there,
You were as perfect as they come.
Alas you were not to last
thence not to break my fast.
Two fellows in a melancholy song
Such pain is a great wrong.
Gone with the fungus!
Tomato cum garlic..
And now ,not a bit of it.
Gone ,gone ,gone,
my pickle with the fungus gone

Sweet,Little & Innocent